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Web Design

Web Design at affordable prices

WordPress / HTML & CSS / JQuery

We create stunning customised websites and offer creative Digital Marketing solutions at attractive prices.

Web Design

Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

Web Design

Web design

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

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Grapgic Design

Graphic design

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WordPress Themes

WordPress themes

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Our recent work on web design, logos and graphic design


Why TantoMarketing?

Web Design

Affordable prices

We understand that some businesses are on a budget.  Thanks to globalization we are able to offer you high quality services at affordable prices.

Web Design

Professional services

From stunning web design to the latest digital marketing tools, we are experts in our field.

Web Design

Personalized customer service

Our priority is meeting your needs.  From the first meeting to the last we are here to walk you through the process from design, deployment to driving customers to your website.

 Digital & Offline Marketing

 “Marketing is a tool to help understand customers’ desires, and thus help you fulfil them through the application of appropriate strategies”

Our Team

Meet TantoMarketing’s creative marketing team, dedicated to help you grow your business.

Web Design

Alba Garcia

Web Design

Evora Dupré
Director of Marketing and Communication

Web Design

Alve Castellanos
Founder & Digital Marketer

“Why should TantoMarketing be considered as your first option? Because we are passionate, experienced professionals who focus on delivering quality Graphic Design and Digital Marketing services, dedicated to helping you grow your company, all at affordable prices.”

“Creative marketing and communication is not just my job, it is my passion.”

“Globalization allows us to create web design and digital marketing services at affordable prices for your medium or small sized business, providing you an essential tool to help grow your company in local and global competitive markets”

Our Expertise

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