As we all know, inbound marketing is an essential and affordable tool used for small businesses. The daily supply and demand requires from a company to disclose their messages among social media and new marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing will help you encourage your customers to engage with your brand through social media, blogs with interesting content, customer friendly web designs, and other assorted tools and methods. There is a need to establish a community around you, which is particularly « affordable » with the facility that most of the tools used are free, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and many more.

This will be a representative way and also an effective way of reducing costs when your resources are limited.  The introduction of inbound marketing to your business will add value to your brand.  You may question if this method works or not however, this can  be easily assessed precisely because you can track and measure the progress of your marketing strategies.

According to a 2012 HubSpot survey “Inbound Marketing is  60 per cent cheaper per lead than traditional marketing”

Also in 2015 a HubSpot report states that « Inbound is the dominant marketing strategy for companies with fewer than 200 people… »   

Through the use of inbound marketing to your business, you can:

  • Add up and get people’s attention“ in order to have them engaged with customers that use the most popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Educate customers and build their trust in your products and services through blogs and testimonials.  
  • Maintain good communication with your customers by using email as part of a Direct Marketing Strategy.  
  • Advertising by using “Google Adwords”.  
  • Follow the customer’s activities on your website as well as on social media using “Google Analytics”.  
  • Increase organic visits to your website on search engines by usingSearch Engine Optimization” (SEO).  
  • Apply Multi-channel Marketing strategies and so on.

You can use free online marketing techniques so as to ensure the visibility of and trigger your business’ growth. Work with the « human touch » to your marketing on-line making campaigns, making them viral, using inbound marketing as your goal.

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