Privacy Policy

A General overview

This privacy policy regulates the way we can treat the received information in the access and use of Website services, that TantoMarketing offers for free to Internet users interested in our services and contents (hereinafter, called the “Users”).

From now and on whenever we refer to “we”, we will be talking about TantoMarketing; what we do, what we are and how we manage our websites. When we refer to “policy”, we will be referring to TantoMarketing’s privacy policy. If we refer to ‘terms and conditions’ we are talking about the rules for using each of our websites.


Please take your time to read through this policy, as part of the “User Conditions” for each of the countries. By using any of our websites, you are accepting our policy. If you disagree with this policy, we will not take this personally, but will ask you to abstain from using our websites.

Gather information

When the user logs into our Website, a requested personal data will be required by filling out a form. The data requested will be strictly necessary to achieve the purpose of the Website, and will be stored and processed exclusively with that objective and always within the regulatory framework. The personal data will include important information as name, address, electronic e-mail, education and work history. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form, must be filled obligatorily as they are essential to fulfill your request.

Additionally, another task will be to collect user responses and evaluation results as well as any suggestions made in different parts of our Site. This will give us a better understanding of the users on our website as the whole information will help us provide better services.

Privacy Policy

To deliver our products, information, and services as per request of our visitors

Privacy Policy

To check credit worthiness or fraud for safety prevention.

Privacy Policy

To offer an effective customer service.

To deliver a personalized assistance to our website users.

To offer personalized advertising to our site visitors.

To have a good communication with our visitors, giving them  special offers and other important information that we think they will find interesting.

To offer information and notices related to the use of our Websites.

To offer incentive, surveys, etc. to the visitors, which can provide us with feedback.

To enhance the content, features and ease of use of our Websites.

To improve our products and services.

To enhance and effectively perform our marketing and promotional efforts.

With any other purpose involucrate in an applicable privacy notice or other agreement between visitors and TantoMarketing.

Privacy Policy

The data gathered through our websites is very valuable to us; In order to ensure the safety of our data, we have been taking the necessary technical and organizational regulations established such as SSL certificates to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access of hackers to our stored information to prevent any risk to which they are exposed.

About Cookies:

Our portal uses cookies to improve the browsing experience of the users. In TantoMarketing, we are committed to providing the best-personalized content and interest of our users through the Portal.


What are cookies?

It is a small file that is stored on the computer, Smartphone or tablet and collects information about your navigation or device. Cookies enhance the user session tracking, loading time of a website that helps users avoid repetitive information, etc.

Important information and questions about our privacy practices
If you have questions about our policy or our privacy practices, please take note of the following:

E-mail us at: contact@tantomarketing.com

Notification of our Online Privacy Policy

Please be aware that when you click “OK,” you are accepting our use of cookies in accordance with our online privacy Policy. If you do a continuous browsing on our website, you are allowing us the use of cookies in accordance with our Online Privacy Policy.

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