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Divi eCommerce Child Themes

Divi eCommerce Child Themes

Within the Divi eCommerce Child Themes category, you will find templates designed for all type of online shops. These Divi child themes are ideal for innovative startups as well as shops to sell online any kind of items including clothing, shoes, etc. TantoMarketing’s WordPress templates are multi-purpose, which means they can be easily edited with your own content.

We would like to emphasize that we are constantly working on creating new templates so as to meet your needs as a customer. Furthermore, if you’d like to suggest another design for Divi eCommerce Child Themes or if you prefer to see our prices for web design, please don’t hesitate to contact us now, so we can start working on your request!

TantoShop is an Woocommerce Divi Child theme that was designed specially to be used for your online store. If you are looking for a Divi Child theme with an unique style to display your products, TantoShop is the ideal child theme for you.

This multi-purpose Divi child theme is perfect for any type of online shop including Clothing, Shoes, Books, Restaurants, etc. It’s well designed and easy to install. Moreover, it includes Divi Shop Extended Plugin that allows to fully customize your Divi Online Store.

eCommerce Divi Child Theme

At TantoMarketing, we design beautiful Divi Child Themes focusing on the needs of our clients and this template is fully customizable; it contains free plugins that allow you to improve the design and functionality at the same time. We used Divi Theme to make it easy-to-edit. If you want to see more about our web design, please feel free to contact us now.

The Main features of Tanto Shop are:

eCommerce Divi Child Theme

Woocommerce Ready

Full Customization

100% responsive design

Personalized properties

DIVI 3.0 compatibility

Beautiful design

Video installation tutorial

Divi Shop Extended Plugin

Our Divi Shop Extended Plugin facilitates the personalization process of your eCommerce, created with Divi Theme and Woocommerce, without requiring you to understand the complexity of PHP, HTML or CSS; also Divi Shop Extended allows you to design different products and page layouts on your website.

Features and Customization options:

Custom Shop Module:

The Tanto Shop Module is by far the best Custom Shop Module available within the Divi Community. This TantoMarketing custom shop module enables you to display your products on your Divi eCommerce landing pages in an unlimited and unique way. Here’s why we believe it’s the best custom shop module available:


Grid Layout

List Layout

Carousel Layout

Tanto Shop Module Effects

Background Hover Effect

Hover Shadow Effect

Circle Hover Effect

Hover Border Effect

Hover Effect with Direction Aware

Centered Hover Effect (Overlay)

Partial Hover Effect (Overlay)

Flip Hover Effect (With Overlay)

Flip Hover Effect (Complete)

Static Price Effect

Grayscale Hover Effect

Square to Circle Hover Effect

Circle to Square Hover Effect

Inside Out Animation Effect

Outside In Animation Effect

Tanto Shop Module Loading Effects

Loading Effects 1

Loading Effects 2

Loading Effects 3

Loading Effects 4

Loading Effects 5

Loading Effects 6

Elements for an unlimited number of options

Icons Alignments

Carousel Layout

Grid Layout

Category Filter

Border Color 

Icons Color

Icons Radius

Navigation Arrows

Overlay Color




23 Custom Woocommerce Modules:

Within the Divi Shop Extended plugin, you can find 23 custom Woocommerce Modules for the Divi Builder. These divi builder modules allow you to design any product page, checkout page and cart page layouts, the only additional tool needed is your imagination.

Together your imagination and Divi Shop Extended bring Divi product page layouts to life

15 Custom Modules for Product Page Layouts:

Product Page Layouts Demo

With Divi Shop Extended plugin, you can build any Woocommerce product page layouts on your Divi Online Store. Checkout these demos now!

4 Custom Modules for Ckeckout Page Layouts:

Checkout Page Layouts Demo

With Divi Shop Extended plugin, you can build any Woocommerce checkout page layouts on your Divi Online Store. Checkout these demos now!

4 Custom Modules for Cart Page Layouts:

Cart Page Layouts Demo

With Divi Shop Extended plugin, you can build any Woocommerce cart page layouts on your Divi Online Store. Checkout these demos now!

Divi Shop Settings Panel:

Another great feature of our Divi Shop Extended plugin is that it comes with a settings panel or dashboard, allowing you to personalize even further your Divi Online Store with unique and beautiful designs, including:

Woocommerce Widgets:

Other Panel Tabs:

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At TantoMarketing, We are specialists in Divi Child Theme, Plugin and Web design. We are constantly creating different types of Divi Child Theme in addition to Custom Module Plugins to help you develop your a unique website for your business and / or clients.


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